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Do you know why Miss flamingo beach umbrella is best in Australian environment? Ever wanted to know why beach umbrellas are so popular in Australia? Beach umbrella manufacturers say the majority of umbrellas sold in Australia are for protection from the sun.

Miss Flamingo says that's not surprising when you consider an average Aussie family might spend around 15 hours a week on the beach during summer.

"On a sunny day, Miss flamingo beach umbrella with SPF50 protection will block out 97 per cent of harmful UV rays," says Miss Flamingo.

"Australia's climate can be so unpredictable, many people come prepared with an umbrella and sunscreen" Fashion trends

Miss Flamingo is absolute beach necessity

Miss flamingo beach umbrella is an absolute necessity for any trip to the beach. The sun's rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm, so it is extremely important to protect yourself at all times throughout the day. If you plan on spending more than a few hours in the sun, you will definitely need one while you're there.

With that said, it is important to find the Miss flamingo umbrella in Australia before you leave for your trip. You will want it to be large enough to provide shade and comfortable, so that you can rest in between swimming and tanning sessions.

Variety of shapes for Miss flamingo beach umbrella

Miss flamingo beach umbrellas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The shape you choose will ultimately depend on preference as each shape has its benefits. Some of the most common shapes are described below:

Miss flamingo Offset Shape- This is probably the most common choice for umbrellas. With this umbrella you have a center pole that runs through the middle to provide support and an outer canopy to shade you. Most umbrellas come in an 'octagon' form, which means that they have eight poles to support it and a round base.

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Center pole- This is also a common shape and is very similar to the offset umbrella. With this one there is no center pole; instead you will find spreader bars that hold up all four corners of the canopy. The canopy itself drapes down to the ground and it also has a round base for support.

Tripod- This umbrella is very different from any other shape you will find on the market. With this one there are three poles that extend up into the canopy. It has a circular base for support, but it does not have a center post. The canopy itself is rather large and spreads out to give maximum coverage.

Along with the shape of your umbrella, you need to consider other features that will affect its ease of use and durability. Some things that should be taken into consideration are:

Wind resistance- You don't want an umbrella blowing around in the wind.

The last thing you need is to be covered in sand. Look for something that has strong, durable materials along with a solid frame.

Size- Make sure you choose an umbrella that is large enough to block all of the sun's rays from your body. All these features you can find in Miss Flamingo beach umbrella that you will find at bamboobungalow.com.au

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