Umbrella Fruit

Before buying umbrella fruit for beaches you need to know a brief introduction about umbrella fruit. Umbrella fruit is also known as monkey bread trees. Umbrella fruit is the common name for several species of flowering plants in the Bombacaceae family, including:

  • Kigelia africana
  • Salacca zalaca
  • Madhuca longifolia

Why do we love fruit umbrella for sun protection?

Fruit Umbrella for beaches have special history and traditions. They attract those tourists who love nature or beauty which is hidden in the soil. These three species mentioned above all have very large leaves and grow lots of umbrella shaped fruits! Read about fruit salad umbrella and get more stunning quality products.

History of Umbrella fruit

This type of tree grows best in hot climates with a lot of rain. Umbrella fruit can be made into jam or jelly by boiling them down to extract their juice then adding sugar to it. Umbrella fruits are great because they provide shade from the sun, protection from bad weather, food for animals that live on them, building material used to make houses and other things like furniture, and they make great fruit jams! Umbrella fruits are also known as monkey bread trees.

So, by keeping these things in mind now you may like to have umbrella fruit beach umbrellas for your trip, they provide you safety from sunshine and harmful rays. Your face or body will not be filled with dry or wet sand. You can relax under fruit umbrella easily.

This is our guide to buying the Fruit beach umbrella.

One of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing during a day at the seaside is make sure you protect yourself from exposure to harmful UV rays, and don't overheat under direct sunshine.

A fruit salad beach umbrella allows you to sit comfortably at your chosen spot on the sand and enjoy your day in the sun without worrying about burning or raising your body temperature to dangerous levels. It's also a great way to get shade from the searing, relentless Australia sun!

Without a fruit salad beach umbrella, it can be difficult to find a place to sit down because if you look around many of the spots you'd like to take your chair or towel are already being occupied by people who have set up their spot with the use of umbrella fruit at beach.