How to use a beach umbrella?

Want to enjoy an amazing day at the beach with ease? While setting up a beach umbrellas is a relatively simple task we have put together a few tips we've learnt along the way that will elevate your beach days.


  • Secure your beach umbrella by placing the lower pole at least 35cm deep in the sand for stability - we find digging a small hole in the sand helps this task!
  • Rotate the upper pole to your preferred position (ideally 45 degrees or less) and lock the hinge to lock in your shade.
  • We recommend using your beautiful matching sand bag for added stability against the wind. Simply fill the bag with sand, and tie to the umbrella rib that is facing the direction the breeze is coming from so there is a small amount of tension on the umbrella, but no pulling. It's always a nice peace of mind that if there's a surprise gust of wind you won't have to chase your umbrella down the beach.
  • In windier weather, lowering the umbrella for added safety and durability is recommended.
  • Enjoy! Nothing beats the bliss of lounging under a beach umbrella, soaking up just enough sun and the sea breeze.