How to beach cabana

A beach cabana is a great investment for those who love to beach. They offer you protection from the harsh sun, as well as shade and can be personalised to fit your needs. We've learned a few tricks along the way that we hope will help you to get the most out of your beautiful cabana.

  • Start by placing the lower pole at least 35cm deep in the sand for stability.
  • Insert the pole of the cabana into the lower pole, as you extend the arms of your cabana, you might feel a little wobble, but fear not! It'll soon stand tall and proud.
  • Starting at the windiest side fill each sand pocket to anchor down and stabilise your cabana, if you are not on a flat surface you may need to give those sand pockets a wiggle around until there is no slack.
  • Ah, the shade wall – your new best friend on scorching days! But beware, on windy days, it can turn into a makeshift parachute. So, if the breeze is cranking, use it as a comfy beach mat instead.
  • Speaking of wind... while bit of wind is no trouble, giant umbrellas and strong winds just don't mix! If those gusts creep up on you, we have found the best thing to do is get the cabana as low as possible (ie removing it from the lower pole), retract the arms of the cabana and empty the sand pockets.
  • Enjoy your personal oasis on the shores of your favourite beaches, you deserve it!